The diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and diseases of the foot are our specialist fields. We pride ourselves on our in-depth clinical assessments and hands-on examinations to assess how feet, and foot function affect body health and movement.

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Knee pain

The knee joint is often influenced by poor foot posture, and injury to the knee most commonly the joint between the knee cap and the thigh bone (femur), and the patella ligament is the result. Unless you correct the foot position, management of the knee will be difficult. Also certain forms of knee Osteoarthritis can be managed very effectively with in shoe orthotic devices.

Lower back pain and postural pain

Pain anywhere in the spine, and poor posture can be related to poor foot posture, and a difference in leg length. Podiatric management by means of orthotic devices can give very good lasting relief from pain.

Foot injuries

The human foot is an intricate anatomical structure that goes from an adaptable data collector, to a shock absorber, to a rigid lever in a time of 600-750 milliseconds about 3000 times a day. It supplies the brain with the information about each footstep and carries out the responding instructions.
Despite being a tough resilient structure it is frequently injured and pain, any pain is your foot’s way of saying help!! Prompt diagnosis and treatment is needed. The most common injury is Plantar fasciitis but there are many different problems and careful examination and diagnosis is key to a successful treatment.

Sports injuries

Any sport that places a demand on the feet and lower limbs can result in injury. Podiatrists typically are not concerned with traumatic injury, but rather with overuse injury, and repetitive injury patterns ( for example “I always get injured on my right side”, or” I keep on spraining my left ankle”)
Remember you don’t need to be injured to see a podiatrist, as correction of foot mechanics can not only decrease the likelihood of injury, but can also improve performance.

Fungal Infections

Commonly affecting skin and nails, fungal infections are often dismissed, or managed poorly for a variety of reasons. Prompt diagnosis and treatment for the correct length of time should effect a permanent cure. Fungal infections in a diabetic patient need aggressive quick treatment as they can predispose to more serious complications

Diabetic Foot Management

Diabetes can cause devastating consequences on the feet and lower legs. The podiatrists role is education, screening, management and prevention of the manifestation of diabetes-related complications affecting the feet.
The diabetic patient needs assistance and education! Therefore the Podiatrist is considered one of the most important role players in the team that treats and manages a person suffering from diabetes.

Corns and Calluses

Poor foot posture, changed toe shape and abnormal weight distribution in the feet can cause corns and calluses on the feet. The management is palliative with painless scalpel reduction of these lesions. Determining the cause of a callus or corn is crucial to create a lasting management protocol that provides relief. Therefore the ongoing management may vary from one patient to the next.

Verruca (warts)

{Warts are formed as a response of the skin to a viral infection (usually transmitted in wet public places) and causes a small epidermal papilloma. The management of verrucae varies according to the size and location of the lesion, as well as the age of the patient. It is therefore essential to diagnose the lesion correctly, as many corns are managed as verrucae, and vice versa.
The best advice is to get the lesion examined by a professional. Avoid home remedies, as these can aggravate verrucae. The bigger a wart is, the more difficult it is to manage.}

Ingrown Toenails

It’s funny how ingrown nails are always seen as a joke condition. The truth is that anyone who has had one will know how painful it can be. Treatment of ingrown nails is either conservative, with simple reduction of the nail shoulder giving relief, or a simple and quick surgical procedure done in the chair, under local anaesthetic giving a permanent solution to a very problematic condition.

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